Žďákovský Bridge

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Žďákovský Bridge
Žďákovský most
Orlík nad Vltavou, South Bohemia, Czech Republic
354 feet high / 108 meters high
1,083 foot span / 330 meter span

Image by Marketa Simonova.

The Žďákovský Most is the Czech Republic’s highest bridge, crossing a deep reservoir in the South Bohemia region. The 42 mile (68 km) long lake was created by the Orlík Dam, the largest hydroelectric dam in the country. The 1,083 foot (330 mtr) steel arch was one of the longest spans of its type in the world upon its completion in 1965. The tall spandrel supports are unusually slender. Half the height of the bridge is hidden under 187 feet (57 mtrs) of reservoir water.

Image by woby.

Image by via.volf

Image by Marinoco.

Image by metaxal.

Žďákovský Bridge satellite image.

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