Aotiangou Bridge

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Aotiangou Bridge
Wanhexiang, Yunnan, China
(459) feet high / (140) meters high
459 foot span / 140 meter span

One of 3 high bridges constructed over several deep tributaries of the Jinshajiang (Yangtze River) in a remote region of Yunnan Province, the Aotiangou Bridge was necessary to raise a local road above the giant lake formed from the construction of the Xiluodu Dam. Rising 285.5 meters, this is currently the 3rd tallest concrete dam on earth. Xiluodu dam is located on the border of Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces. China is home to nearly all of the world's highest reservoir bridges.

The Aotiangou Bridge has a span configuration of 2x30 +80+140+80 +2x30 meters.

The huge lake extends over 100 kilometers upstream from the dam and required the complete reconstruction of local road S307. Much closer to the dam and consequently even higher are the Youfanggou and Zhuazhuayan Bridges along route S307 in Sichuan Province.

The full height of the Aotiangou Bridge could be seen during the final stages of construction before the Xiluodu Dam lake water flooded the canyon below it.


Xiluodu Dam.




Aotiangou Bridge satellite image.


Aotiangou Bridge location map.


Xiluodu Dam reservoir bridges location map.

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