Beipanjiang 2013 Bridge


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Beipanjiang 2013 Bridge
Zhenfeng, Guizhou, China
607 feet high / 185 meters high
722 foot span / 220 meter span

One of what will eventually be an incredible 7 bridges that are in the 200 to 500 meter height range above the Beipanjiang River, the 2013 crossing is a gigantic beam viaduct with a span configuration of 118 + 220x2 + 118 meters. Despite being the "lowest" of the 7 Beipanjiang Bridge crossings, the 2013 bridge has piers that reach a skyscraping 147 meters. The bridge is also the southernmost of the Beipanjiang crossings on an expressway between Zhenfeng and Ziyun in China's Guizhou Province. The approach spans are 6x 40 and 5x 40 meters on the upper slopes of the valley.

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