Chishuihe Bridge Chajiaotan

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Chishuihe Bridge Chajiaotan
Xijiuzhen, Guizhou, China
1,033 feet high / 315 to 323 meters high
3,937 foot span / 1,200 meter span

Chishuihe bridge Chajiaotan draw clean.JPG

Chishuihe Bridge Chajiaotan is the last link along the 84 kilometer Xugu expressway that connects the city of Xuyong on the G76 with the city of Gulin and eventually the Chishui River gorge where it will connect with the Renchi expressway in Guizhou. Construction was completed in 2016 on all but the very eastern end of the expressway. Work is expected to start in 2017 on the second phase of the expressway including the Chishuihe Chajiaotan Bridge in addition to 12 kilometers of expressway in Guizhou Province. The span configuration will be 325+1200+205 meters with a total length of 2,003 meters and a width of 27 meters. Some sources have a height of 323 meters but it is not clear if this is to the river surface or the bottom of the river.

The central 1,200 meter span of Chishuihe Chajiaotan Bridge ranks among the longest span high level bridges in the world exceeded only by the Dahe and Jinshajiang Jin'an Bridges which are also expected to open in 2021. Like several of China's largest and highest suspension bridges, Chajiaotan will have a mountain tunnel located directly below a deep cable anchorage tunnel. The east end will include a more conventional anchorage along with a large number of approach spans. The bridge will be located at kilometer 67.

Other high bridges on the Sichuan section of the Xugu expressway include Shilianghe, Luosizhai, Tiantanghe, Modaoxi and two crossings of the Gulin River.

Chishuihe bridge Chajiaotan Render View.jpg


A view looking north at the site of the crossing. Image by Eric Sakowski /


The slope where the east side tower will stand. Image by Eric Sakowski /


The steep slope of the west tower location. Image by Eric Sakowski /


The small town of Xijiuzhen is located in the shadow of the bridge. Image by Eric Sakowski /

ChishuiheSuspensionUno Panorama.jpg

Image by Eric Sakowski /


Image by Eric Sakowski /


Image by Eric Sakowski /


An alternate route was studied that would have carried the Xugu expressway across this tight gap on a cable stayed bridge 250 meters high. Although not as high as the suspension bridge route, this location would have been more dramatic with vertical cliffs on both sides of the river. Image by Eric Sakowski /


Image by Eric Sakowski /


The bridge construction office was completed in mid-2015 despite the project getting delayed until 2017. Image by Eric Sakowski /


Image by Eric Sakowski /

Chishuihe bridge Chajiaotan draw.JPG


Chishuihe Bridge Chajiaotan satellite image.


Chishuihe Bridge Chajiaotan location map.


A map of the Xugu expressway with the Chishuihe Chajiaotan Bridge on the right where the expressway crosses into Guizhou Province.

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