Chishuihe River Bridge


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Chishuihe River Bridge
Banmaopo, Sichuan, China
610 feet high / 186 meters high
814 foot span / 248 meter span

One of the longest span prestressed beam bridges in China, the Chishuihe Bridge towers high above the Chishuihe River where it forms the border of Guizhou and Sichuan Provinces on the extension of the G76 that will eventually extend 2,192 kilometers from Xiamen, Fujian to Chengdu, Sichuan. Once completed, the G76 will have more then a dozen bridges over 100 meters in height and several over 200 meters. The bridge has a total length of 974 meters with a main span configuration of 130+ 248+ 130 meters.

The Chishuihe is one of the larger tributaries of the Yangtze and plans were underway to dam portions of the river to create a navigable waterway to its upper reaches. One of these reservoirs would extend beneath the G76 expressway bridge, reducing the height to about 100 meters. There has been strong opposition to the dam project as the water of the Chishuihe River and it tributaries serves millions of people in the area including the factory of the famous Maotai drink in Renhuai City. We can only hope the dam never materializes.

An early artist rendering of the Chishuihe Bridge showing the planned reservoir from a downstream dam.

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