Dashagou Railway Bridge

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Dashagou Railway Bridge
Pinglu, Shanxi, China
(394) feet high / (120) meters high
328 foot span / 100 meter span


By far the largest railway viaduct ever built in Shanxi Province and one of the largest in the world, the giant Dashagou Railway Bridge crosses a wide expanse of arid terrain in Northern China.

The entire structure measures 1,834.58 meters in length supported on more then two dozen piers that are as tall as 106 meters. The gap is so wide the central section is actually composed of three separate, back to back beam bridges making for a span configuration of 60+3x100+60 +60+3x100+60 +60+3x100+60 meters. The 100 meter beams have dimensions of 10.9 meters wide at the top and 7 meters wide at the bottom. Above the piers the beams are 7.5 meters deep and 4.5 meters at center span.

Dashagou is one of just 4 railway bridges in the entire world to have more then two piers over 100 meters tall. They include the gargantuan Caijiagou and Xinqiao Railway Bridges near Fuling city, each with 3 piers taller then 100 meters and Brazil's Viaduto 13 with five (though if built today Viaduto 13 would only be built with 3 piers over 100 meters tall).

The Dashagou Bridge is one of many viaducts on the Shenhuazhunchi Railway line such as the Shenchinan Railway Bridge which is not as high but is longer at 3,487.435 meters. The new line was built to enhance coal access in Western Inner Mongolia and Northern Shanxi as well as directly improve Shuozhou regional transportation.


Dashagou Railway Bridge Elevation









Dashagou Railway Bridgee satellite image.



Dashagou Railway Bridge location map.