Daxiaojing Bridge

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Daxiaojing Bridge
Dongdangxiang, Guizhou, China
708 feet high / 216 meters high
1,476 foot span / 450 meter span

Daxiaojing Bridge will open in 2019 as the longest span arch bridge in Guizhou Province with a giant concrete filled steel tubular span of 450 meters. Originally planned as a 450 meter span cable stayed bridge, the scheme was switched to an arch, allowing the Daxiaojing Bridge to hold its own in the shadow of the nearby Pingtang Bridge, a colossal cable stayed viaduct with the tallest bridge tower ever built in China at 328 meters.

Located at kilometer 70 on the Pingtang to Luodian Expressway, the 1,501 meter long structure will have a span configuration of 9x40 +450 +16x40 meters.

Daxiaojing Bridge satellite image.

Daxiaojing Bridge location map.

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