Dianzhan Bridge Number 2

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Dianzhan #2 Bridge
Nanchuan, Chongqing, China
(344) feet high / (105) meters high
427 foot span / 130 meter span

Dianzhan -2Open2016.jpg

The Dianzhan #2 Bridge is located along the Nandao expressway that connects Nanchuan, Chongqing with Daozhen, Guizhou. The 343 meter long bridge has a span configuration of 69+130+69 meters on piers 93 meters tall.


Dianzhan -2View.jpg

Dianzhan 2Satellite.jpg

Dianzhan #2 Bridge satellite image.

Dianzhan 2LocationMap.jpg

Dianzhan #2 Bridge location map.


Dianzhan 2LocationMapWide.jpg
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