Dimuhe River Bridge

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Dimuhe River Bridge
Liupanshui, Guizhou, China
1,181 feet high / 360 meters high
1,765 foot span / 538 meter span

Scheduled for completion in 2015, the Dimuhe suspension bridge will become the fourth highest highway suspension bridge on earth. With a span of just 1,765 feet (538 meters) between towers, the location is essentially a leap between two nearly vertical cliffs. The bridge is one of several high spans on the southern Guizhou section of the new G56 expressway that will connect Liupanshui with Bijie to the north and Yunnan Province in the south and west.

The bridge crosses a tributary of the Sancha River about 30 kilometers east of Liupanshui city. The Sancha is a tributary of the great Wujiang River that has more high bridges then any river in the world except for the Beipanjiang. These include the Liuchonghe, Liuguanghe, Jiangjiehe, Wuzuo and Wujiang Bridges.

Although Dimuhe Bridge is officially 360 meters high, the span crosses over a 20 meter deep reservoir making for a deck to lake surface height of 340 meters when the reservoir is full. The central span will be a conventional truss with 4 simple beam span approaches of 148 feet (45 meters).

A satellite view with the exact location of the bridge crossing drawn in.

The bridge crossing is located northeast of Liupanshui City, the second largest in Guizhou Province.

This record breaking suspension footbridge was constructed for workers to access both sides of the Sancha River gorge. The main span of 550 meters is even longer then the 538 meter main span of the highway bridge! Only the Zongqinhe construction footbridge to the north on the same highway will be as large with a main span of at least 500 meters. These two footbridges are the first in history to exceed the main span of the Brooklyn Bridge as well as being the first two footbridges in the world to be higher then 200 meters.

Dimuhe River Bridge Elevation

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