Dukouhe Railway Bridge

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Dukouhe Railway Bridge
Enshi, Hubei, China
459 feet high / 140 meters high
420 foot span / 128 meter span

Dukouhe is one of 5 high railroad bridges on the new Yichang-Wanzhou railway that exceed 100 meters in height. The central piers are 128 and 92 meters tall and support a main span configuration of 72+ 128+ 72 meters. The total length including approach spans is 362.5 meters. The bridge is located about 30 kilometers west of Enshi and about 5 kilometers north of the Xiaohe arch bridge on the G50 expressway. Image by www.enshi.cn




Image by Xinhuanet.

Image by Xinhuanet.

Image by Xinhuanet.



Map of the new railway line that cuts across Hubei and Chongqing Provinces.

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