Elicun Bridge

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Elicun Bridge
Elicun, Sichuan, China
(302) feet high / (92) meters high
328 foot span / 100 meter span

Elicun Bridge is one of the longest viaducts on the Mianju Expressway in a very remote and mountainous region of Sichuan Province.

The two structures are 2,838 and 2,817 meters long with a span configuration of 30+63x40 +55+100+55 +30 meters on piers as tall as 80 meters. Approach span piers are as tall as 61.4 meters.

At the southern end of the Mianju Expressway are the Fujiang Bridge Pingwu and Fujiang Bridge Guangping.

Elicun Bridge satellite image.

Elicun Bridge location map.

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