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Wulingshan Bridge
Pengshui, Chongqing, China
863 feet high / 263 meters high
1,181 foot span / 360 meter span

Scheduled to open in 2009, the Chongqing-Hunan Expressway is a new 4-lane highway that will connect the city and municipality of Chongqing with Hunan Province. Roughly following the path of the Wujiang River, the route is one more “spoke” in a hub of highways that radiate out from Chongqing - the largest inland river port and western China’s most populous city. Threading through the rugged and spectacular Wujiang River gorge, the highway traverses several high tributaries near the city of Pengshui.

The most impressive of these crossings is the Wulingshan bridge. Rising 863 feet (263 mtrs) above a chasm cut so deep the river is nearly hidden from view, Wulingshan is the third highest cable stayed bridge in the world after the Baluarte bridge in Mexico and the Millau Viaduct in France. Wulingshan has two planes of stays radiating out in a fan arrangement from a pair of A-frame towers. The higher of the two towers rises 617 feet (188 mtrs) from foundation to top. The bridge is located near the old National Road 319 approximately 25 miles (40 kms) east of Pengshui.

The Wu River is one of the world’s greatest high bridge waterways with 3 bridges over 500 feet (152 mtrs) in height crossing it in different areas before it finally empties into the Yangtze River at the city of Fuling. The first came in 1995 when the 840 foot (256 mtr) high Jiangjiehe arch bridge opened near Weng’an. In 2001, the Liuguanghe bridge opened across the Wujiang’s upper reaches near Guiyang with a 975 foot (297 mtrs) high deck that is still the world’s highest among beam bridges. In 2008 a massive concrete beam bridge viaduct opened at the city of Wujiang. The total bridge count reaches 5 if you include the Wulingshan and Yanxigou bridges located on tributaries just off the Wujiang. Only the Beipanjiang River has a more spectacular group of high river crossings in China. The Wulingshan Bridge was referred to as the Ganxigou Bridge during construction.

Wulingshan Bridge Elevation



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Image by Laoniushitu.

Image by Laoniushitu.

Wulingshan Bridge cable and socket connections.

Image by Laoniushitu.

Image by Laoniushitu.

Image by Laoniushitu.

Wulingshan Bridge satellite image.

Wulingshan and Royal Gorge Bridge size comparison

New River Gorge and Wulingshan Bridge size comparison

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