Gouearxia Bridge

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Gouearxia Bridge
Jiajiaoshanxiang, Chongqing, China
(459) feet high / (140) meters high
623 foot span / 190 meter span


Nearly lost in a mountainous region of Chongqing Province, the Gouearxia Bridge has received some notoriety since it became a part of an annual triathlon-like Wulong Mountain Quest event that includes rappeling down into the gorge from the nearly 150 meter high deck. In 2011 the 9th annual event took place though only more recent events included the bridge rapelling.

Sponsored by Red Bull, the race begins near Jiangkouzhen near the mouth of the mighty Furongjiang River where contestants head upstream along a reservoir before heading west towards the bridge which crosses a tributary of the Furongjiang River.

The simple three span beam bridge has a central section 190 meters long flanked by two side spans of 105 meters. Even more impressive and much higher is the nearby Furongjiang beam bridge with a height of 240 meters. Both can only be reached by driving south from Jiangkouzhen more then 20 kilometers on a series of twisting and winding mountain roads.

A construction view just before closure.


The start of the Red Bull Cup race! Image by China.org.cn.


The racers head upstream into the Furongjiang River reservoir with their bikes. Image by China.org.cn.


A map of the route showing the bridge in the lower left.


The racers rapel off the bridge and down into the gorge.


A rapeller begins his descent. Image by China.org.cn.


Racers grab some water along the route. Image by China.org.cn.

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