Guozigou Approach Bridge


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Guozigou Approach Bridge
Lucaogouzhen, Xinjiang, China
(394) feet high / (120) meters high
(131) foot span / (40) meter span

Largely overshadowed by the giant Guozigou cable stayed bridge, the Guozigou Approach Bridge is quite an impressive structure in its own right. With piers as tall as 120 meters, this viaduct shows of its slender legs against a spectacular alpine backdrop that is even more impressive after a winter snow fall.

The Guozigou Approach Bridge is the beginning of an amazing and rare feat of highway engineering that includes a spiral loop and tunnel that winds the G30 Lianhuo Expressway around and back underneath itself. In a stretch of just 40 kilometers the G30 expressway drops a total of 1200 meters in elevation from the Sayram Lake area at 2000 meters to Lucaogouzhen city at 800 meters. A rest stop visitors center and overlook is located between the two bridges.

Guozigou Approach Bridge satellite image during construction.

Guozigou Approach Bridge location map.

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