Guozigoui Bridge


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Guozigoui Bridge
Lucaogouzhen, Xinjiang, China
591 feet high / 180 meters high
1,181 foot span / 360 meter span

One of the highest cable stayed bridges in the world, the Guozigou may also be the most remote cable stayed bridge in the world. Located in China’s largest and most northwesterly province of Xinjiang, the 4-lane structure consists of two extremely tall H-frame ladder towers with heights of 707 feet (215.5 mtrs) and 687 feet (209.5 mtrs). The crossing is the largest structure on the G30 Lianhuo Expressway.

Guozigoui Bridge Elevation



The decking of the main span was completed in 2010. Image by

Image by

Image by

Guozigoui Bridge tower elevation.

Image by

The bridge crew poses for a photo.

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Guozigoui Bridge model. Image by

This huge viaduct has 120 meter tall piers and is the 2nd highest bridge on the G30 expressway.

Guozigoui Bridge location near the western border of China.

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