Huangyangpo Railway Bridge

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[[File:Huangyangpo RailwaySpan.jpg|450px|center]]
[[File:Huangyangpo RailwaySpan.jpg|550px|center]]

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Huangyangpo Railway Bridge
Tieshixiang, Guizhou, China
(328) feet high / (100) meters high
262 foot span / 80 meter span

Huangyangpo RailwayConst.jpg

Huangyangpo Railway Bridge is one of two high beam bridges in the vicinity of the giant Yachi Railway arch bridge on the Guiyang-Chengduu high speed line.

The large 760.8 meter long viaduct has two separate main spans of 80 meters on piers as tall as 89 meters. The entire span configuration is 2x24+3x32 +48+80+48 +4x32 +44+80+44 +3x32+24 meters.

Huangyangpo RailwaySpan.jpg

Huangyangpo RailwaySatellite.jpg

Huangyangpo Railway Bridge satellite image.

Huangyangpo RailwayLocationMap.jpg

Huangyangpo Railway Bridge location map.

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