Hukou Huanghe River Bridge


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Hukou Huanghe River Bridge
Hukouzhen, Shanxi, China
541 feet high / 165 meters high
574 foot span / 175 meter span

The highest bridge across China's famous Yellow River, the Hukou Huang (Yellow) He (River) crossing is another epic viaduct with an impressive set of piers that support 3 spans of 175 meters.

Located in the arid northwestern region of China’s Shanxi province along the new East-West G22 Qinglan expressway, the side by side beam spans measure 757 meters in length. The 4 giant piers are 59, 143, 146 and 80 meters tall.

Image by

The upstream side of the river piers has a wedge shape to cut the strong currents of the Yellow River during floods.

The 146 meter piers. Image by

A rendering of the completed bridge.

Hukou Huanghe Bridge construction preview press day.

Hukou Huanghe River Bridge location map.

Yellow River Bridge satellite image before construction began.

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