Isarco Railway Bridge

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Isarco Railway Bridge
Ponte sull'Isarco presso Fortezza
Brucke uber den Eisack bei Franzensfeste
Rio di Pusteria, South Tyrol, Italy
(262) feet high / (80) meters high
(177) foot span / (54) meter span


One of Italy's highest railway crossings, the Ponte sull'Isarco presso Fortezza was completed in 1871 on the Ferrovia della Val Pusteria. The single track line was originally built to connect Austria's East Tyrol to the capital of Innsbruck. But after WWI the South Tyrol region was lost to Italy. Known in Austria as the Pustertalbahn, the route branches off from the Brennerbahn in Franzensfeste and leads via Bruneck and Toblach to San Candido, where it turns into the Drautalbahn. The two lines of the Pustertalbahn in Italy and the Drautalbahn in Austria meet in Innichen train station where both lines were electrified in 1984 on the basis of a state treaty signed in 1984 between Italy and Austria. The Pustertalbahn is equipped with the Italian 3 kV DC electricity system while the Drautalbahn is equipped with the Austrian 15 kV AC system.

A project is underway that would create a higher and longer span bridge just downstream of the current truss bridge. Currently the Pustertalbahn turns north and ends in the Franzensfeste station. Passengers must then board a southbound train to go to Brixen. The new arch crossing would bypass this detour. Known as the Riggertalschleife project, funding was approved in 2016 for the Riggertal loop and construction will hopefully commence soon. The concrete polygon arch would span 172 meters alongside the Val Pusteria road bridge.

Franzensfeste Train.jpg

Franzensfeste Prob54mtrSpan.jpg






Franzensfeste Drawing.jpg

Viadotto Eisach Bolzano.jpg


Suedl Eisenbahnanschl Bild-03 b.jpg

Franzensfeste GrundbuchauszugMap.jpg


Planned crossing of the Isarco River on a bypass section of the Ferrovia della Val Pusteria.

Val di Riga 172mtr SpanRailway.jpg



Isarco Railway Bridge and Val Pusteria Bridge satellite image.


Isarco Railway Bridge location map.


Karte der Bahnstrecke Franzensfeste–Innichen By Arbalete.svg.png
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