Jing Yang Bridge

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Jing Yang Bridge
Jingyangzhen, Hubei, China
(492) feet high / (150) meters high
853 foot span / 260 meter span

One of China’s largest rivers, the Qing Jiang runs parallel to the Yangtze River about 50 miles (80 kms) south of the 3 Gorges region before joining the Yangtze River near Yidu, Hubei. High in the mountains east of Enshi, the forceful river has created several deep canyons including the famous Jing Yang.

Around the year 2000, construction began on the Jing Yang dam, creating a huge reservoir hundreds of feet (mtrs) deep. Several new bridges were built over this vast lake including one of China’s largest concrete filled steel tube arch bridges. Painted a brilliant red, the 853 foot (260 mtrs) span blends nicely into the more peaceful surroundings of the placid new lake. The soaring new Jing Yang bridge is a replacement for an unusual wood planked catenary suspension road bridge from 1990 that was strung 730 feet (222.5 mtrs) across the river gorge.

Jing Yang Bridge Elevation



An engineering crew bids a final farewell to the 1990 catenary suspension bridge. The 730 foot (222.5 mtrs) span was probably the longest catenary suspension road span in the world.

Jing Yang suspension bridge half submerged in reservoir.

Jing Yang Bridge opening ceremonies.

Jing Yang bridge engineers look over the plans. A photo behind them with the bridge drawn in shows how deep the gorge was before the dam was completed.

Jing Yang Bridge and river area map. The old crossing was in the center of the image while the new bridge is to the left.

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