Jinshajiang Bridge Jiaopingdu

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Jinshajiang Bridge Jiaopingdu
Huili, Sichuan, China
367 feet high / 112 meters high
722 foot span / 220 meter span


Jinshajiang Bridge Jiaopingdu was constructed to elevate a local crossing above the reservoir level of the Wudongde Dam. The giant beam bridge will replace a 150 meter span cable stayed bridge.

The beam span has a reported deck height elevation of 1,002 meters making it about 27 meters above a full reservoir and about 112 meters above the old level of the Jianshajiang River.


The original Jinshajiang Bridge Jiaopingdu cable stayed bridge that was replaced by the higher beam bridge.

Jinshajiang Bridge JiaopingduOld&New.jpg

Jinshajiang Bridge JiaopingduOldCables.jpg

Jinshajiang Bridge JiaopingduOldNewCloser.jpg

Jinshajiang Bridge JiaopingduOldTowerTops.jpg


Jinshajiang Bridge Jiaopingdu satellite image showing the defunct cable stayed span.



Jinshajiang Bridge Jiaopingdu location map.

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