Jipu Footbridge

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Jipu Footbridge
Jifucun, Tibet, China
(722) feet high / (220) meters high
197 foot span / 60 meter span

One of the most remote footbridges in the world, the Jipu Footbridge is also one of the highest in the world. Completed in 2006 to allow locals to cross the Trishuli River and access the small Tibetan village of Jifu, the simple span of 60 meters is engulfed in prayer flags that are a hallmark of the Tibetan people.

Construction began in 2018 on a more permanent 2-lane arch road bridge parallel to the footbridge. Designed as a CFST concrete filled steel tubular arch, the new 72.7 meter long crossing has a main span of 60 meters and a width of 7.5 meters. The arch to rise ratio is 4:1 making the top of the arch about 15 meters above the deck. It is unknown if the 13 year old footbridge will remain in use or be removed. Jifu village is 2,785 meters above sea level.

Jifu Footbridge satellite image.

Jifu Footbridge location map.

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