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Laomianhe Bridge
Yaoshangxiang, Guizhou, China
771 feet high / 235 meters high
1,575 foot span / 480 meter span

Laomianhe Bridge may not be the most famous high bridge in Guizhou Province but this cable stayed giant should not be ignored with two of the tallest bridge structures in the world. The West tower is one of a rare group of only a dozen bridge "skyscrapers" in the world to reach or exceed the 300 meter threshold.

The 1,720 meter long structure has a span configuration of 12x40 +215+480+215 +12x40 meters. The East tower is 273 meters tall. Laomianhe Bridge is the largest bridge on the Duyun to Anshun expressway in central Guizhou Province. A few kilometers to the east is the giant Changshanhe viaduct that reaches a height of 167 meters.

Laomianhe Bridge satellite image.

Laomianhe Bridge location map.

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