Leissigen Footbridge

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Leissigen Footbridge
Hängebrücke Leissigen
Leissigen, Bern, Switzerland
197 feet high / 60 meters high
466 foot span / 142 meter span

Leissigen (spissibachbruecke).jpg

Leissigen Footbridge is one of what is planned to be as many as 6 footbridges along a continuous 56 Km trail around Lake Thunersee in a beautiful region of Bern. So far 3 footbridges have been constructed including Sigriswil Footbridge, Hängebrücke Leissigen and Panoramabrücke Beatenberg. Hängebrücke Oberhofen may or may not be constructed.

Hängebrücke Leissigen 142mtL 60mtrH.jpg

Hängebrücke Leissigen Open2011.jpg

Panoramabrücke Beatenberg.jpg

Although only 30 meters high, the Beatenberg Footbridge opened in 2017 as one of 3 currently completed footbridges on the Lake Thunersee trail.


Leissigen Footbridge satellite image.

Hängebrücke LeissigenLocationMap.jpg

Leissigen Footbridge location map.




As many as 6 footbridges might be constructed around Lake Thunersee.

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