Lindischgraben Bridge

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Lindischgraben Bridge
Pfaffenberg, Kärnten, Austria
360 feet high / 110 meters high
505 foot span / 154 meter span


The second highest of 3 large concrete arch bridges that run along the side of a steep mountain slope on the spectacular Tauern railway in Austria, Lindischgraben has one of Europe’s longest railway arch bridge spans at 505 feet (154 mtrs). All 3 bridges were part of a 1971 realignment project that bypassed at least half a dozen tunnels as well as a tight horseshoe turn within each river gorge. The original single track line was also doubled. The highest of the 3 arches is the Pfaffenberg-Zwenberg-Brücke at 394 ft. (120 mtrs) while the double arched Falkenstein Brücke is the third highest at just 213 feet (65 mtrs).


Satellite image showing the Lindisch Brücke (middle), and Falkenstein Brücke and Pfaffenberg-Zwenberg Bridges (lower right).

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