Lingxianhe Bridge

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525 foot span / 160 meter span<br />
525 foot span / 160 meter span<br />
2019<br />
2019<br />

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Lingxianhe Bridge
Bailinzhen, Chongqing, China
591 feet high / 180 meters high
525 foot span / 160 meter span


The Lingxianghe beam bridge is located about 3 kilometers south of the much more spectacular Sunxihe suspension bridge on a local road. The 2-lane beam span bypasses an older crossing much lower in the river valley. The 160 meter main span is supported on piers as tall as 120 and 130 meters.


Lingxianghe Bridge satellite image.


The giant Sunxihe suspension bridge is located across the river towards the right.

Lingxianghe Bridge location map.

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