Lishuihe River Bridge


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Lishuihe River Bridge
Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China
1,083 feet high / 330 meters high
2,808 foot span / 856 meter span

A "sequel" of sorts to the Aizhai suspension bridge located 100 kilometers to the south, the Lishuihe suspension bridge crosses another deep gorge in China's Hunan Province on an east-west expressway that will link up to the G65 expressway and Chongqing Province to the west. Given how narrow the river gap is at the bridge site crossing, the main span seems to be unusually long at 2,803 feet (856 meters). I can only guess the cliff walls were found to be unstable and the engineers felt it was safer to build the towers a reasonable distance from the canyon rim.

Lishuihe is only the second bridge in history to use a rocket to carry the first pilot line across the gorge. This unusual technique was first done in 2006 during the construction of the Siduhe Bridge in nearby Hubei Province. Like most of China's big suspension spans, the towers support a central truss span with unsuspended side spans.

Lishuihe River Bridge Elevation

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A view of the spectacular river gorge from the bridge.

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A group of dignitaries celebrate the planned launch of the pilot line rocket.

Military personnel prepare the rocket on a rainy day in early 2011.

Several boxes hold a 1,000 meters of tether that must quickly unravel as the rocket pulls the line across the gorge.

The launch is successful!

A 2010 view of the tower construction.

The towers were complete by early 2011.

A drawing of the completed Lishuihe Bridge.

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