Liuguihe River Bridge


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Liuguihe River Bridge
Huangnitangzhen, Guizhou, China
509 feet high / 155 meters high
646 foot span / 197 meter span

One of Western China's longer concrete arch spans, the Liuguihe Bridge crosses a deep reservoir that was once a cliff lined gorge. Highlines were used to build the arch out from either side. The bridge is located about 10 miles (16 kms) south of the Gui-Bi highway in Guizhou province.

Liuguihe River Bridge Elevation

这座中国西部地区跨径很大的混凝土拱桥,六圭河大桥跨越了一个原本是峡谷的、很深的水库(贵州省水电站at Hongjiadu Hydropower Station, Guizhou)库区。施工时两岸用高空缆索架设拱桥。

Image by Fuzhou University.

A construction view showing the deep Liugui River gorge before the reservoir was full.

A view showing the temporary footbridge that was more then 100 meters above the original river level.

Liuguihe River Bridge location map.

Liuguihe River Bridge location map. The river and roads are misaligned on the terrain.

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