Malinghe Bridge Fenglin

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Malinghe Bridge Fenglin
Xingyi, Guizhou, China
1,194 feet high / 364 meters high
1,804 foot span / 550 meter span


Few river canyons in the world have such a concentration of high bridges as the Maling River gorge in Guizhou Province China. Despite being located just a few kilometers east of the one million plus-sized city of Xingyi and Qianxinan, the Maling gorge itself has managed to retain an untouched, virgin feel with a fabulous collection of waterfalls and cliffs unequaled in mountainous Guizhou Province. The encroachment of an ever-expanding Xingyi City on both sides of the river valley have produced a spectacular collection of high crossings including Fenglin, the highest Malinghe bridge of all at 364 meters.

The 550 meter truss deck span of the Fenglin Bridge is supported by two concrete towers more then 150 meters tall. The lower legs of the towers are more then 100 meters tall below the truss deck making it a unique "suspension-bridge-on-stilts". There are only 5 other suspension bridges in the world with tower piers that exceed 100 meters below deck including Sunxihe, Qingshuihe, Honghe Bridge Jianyuan, Dahe and Tiger Leaping Railway. The west end of the bridge is split into two viaducts making the bridge length 1164 and 1130 meters. The span configuration is 11 and 12x40 +550 +3x40 meters. The foundation piles have a diameter of 3.6 meters.

The Malinghe Fenglin Bridge is at the terminus of the S65 expressway just south of the Xingyi airport. There are also plans for a high speed railway crossing in the vicinity of the Fenglin Bridge that will rank among the world's highest railway bridges.


The east tunnel exit that will lead directly onto the bridge.






Malinghe -5 Ceremony.jpg

A ceremony for the Fenglin Bridge initially took place in 2015 when the design was for a massive CFST arch bridge that might have held both span and height records for an arch bridge had it been built.


Malinghe Bridge Fenglin satellite image.



Malinghe Bridge Fenglin location map.

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