Marenqifeng Glass Footbridge

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Marenqifeng Glass Footbridge
Zhongmingzhen, Anhui, China
(197) feet high / (60) meters high
(525) foot span / (160) meter span

One of the few high bridges in Anhui Province, the Marenqifeng Glass Footbridge is the centerpiece attraction within the Marenqifeng Forest Park. Located about 10 kilometers east of the Yangtze River, the span is part of a cliffwalk that traverses along the edge of the park's highest peak approximately 300 meters above sea level.

The narrow footbridge has a main span of approximately 160 meters and a height of about 60 meters.

Marenqifeng Glass Footbridge Footbridge satellite image.

Marenqifeng Glass Footbridge location map.

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