Mashuihe River Railway Bridge


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Mashuihe River Railway Bridge
Enshi, Hubei, China
427 feet high / 130 meters high
381 foot span / 116 meter span

The Mashuihe River Railway bridge is located deep in the mountains of China’s Western Hubei Province. The towering beam span is one of 5 crossings over 100 meters in height on the incredible Yi-Wan Railway line that runs between Yichang near the 3 Gorges Dam to Wanxian and Chongqing City on the Yangtze River. With more than 70 percent of the route either in a tunnel or on a bridge, the complex geology of the terrain has forced the engineers to overcome landslides, falling rock and steep terrain. The 5 bridges that exceed 100 meters in height also include Luobuxi, Yexihe, Dukouhe and Longwangmiao.

Mashuihe has a span configuration of 116+ 116+ 32 meters atop a central pier 108 meters tall. The total length is 281.66 meters.


Mashuihe Railway Bridge satellite image.

Map of the new railway line that cuts across Hubei and Chongqing Provinces.

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