Nanjiang River Railway Bridge


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Nanjiang River Railway Bridge
Kaiyang, Guizhou, China
755 feet high / 230 meters high
577 foot span / 176 meter span

Due for completion in 2013, the Nanjiang Railway Bridge will become the highest railway beam bridge on earth surpassing the Qingshui Railway bridge which is also located in Guizhou Province. The twin line span will also rank among the world's 5 highest railway bridges of any kind of which 4 are in China.

Located on a new line between the big city of Guiyang and Kaiyang 62 kilometers to the north, passengers will be able to get from station to station in just under 30 minutes.

To leap across the vertical cliffs of the deep South River gorge, the engineers went with a 3-span beam configuration of 93.1 +176 +93.1 meters. Supporting these 3 spans will be two piers 81 and 83 meters in height. There will be a total of 11 piers along a length of 650 meters. The bridge will be located at the 20 kilometer point approximately 40 kilometers northeast of Guiyang City.

The Nanjiang River canyon has become a popular tourist spot for rafters.

Nanjiang River Railway Bridge Elevation

A safety shed is located over an access road at the bottom of the Nanjiang River gorge to protect travelers from any falling construction debris.

The Nanjiang River Railway Bridge is located within the Nanjiang Gorge Scenic Area in the upper right. The 66 kilometer double track line will connect Kaiyang to Guiyang City.

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