Nanqiuhe Railway Bridge


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Nanqiuhe Railway Bridge
Qiubei, Yunnan, China
525 feet high / 160 meters high
420 foot span / 128 meter span

The highest beam bridge on the 710 kilometer high speed railway line between Kunming and Nanning, the Nanqiuhe Railway Bridge is located 10 kilometers east of Qiubei city in Yunnan Province. Although not as spectacular as the giant Nanpanjiang Railway arch bridge to the west, the crossing of the Nanqiu river is accomplished with some impressive piers that rise 88 and 110 meters above the deep, V-shaped canyon. Trains will be 160 meters above the river as they speed along at over 250 kilometer an hour. The 400 meter long bridge has a span configuration of 2x32 +68+128+68 +32+24 meters.

Map of 710 kilometer Kunming-Nanning Railway line.

Nanqiuhe Railway Bridge satellite image of probable crossing location.

Nanqiuhe Railway Bridge location map showing Nanqiu River.

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