Pengxihe River Bridge


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Pengxihe River Bridge
Yunyang, Chongqing, China
541 feet high / 165 meters high
1,037 foot span / 316 meter span

The Pengxihe River bridge is the second highest of 3 large cable stayed bridges on the G42 expressway that connects Yichang City in Hubei Province with Chongqing and Sichuan Provinces to the west. The crossing is one of several along the G42 that have been built over the deep waters of the massive 3 Gorges reservoir in Western China. The most impressive aspect of the Pengxihe Bridge are the two main towers that stand 208 and 202 meters tall.

The two other big cable stayed spans on the G42 cross over the Shennongxi and Meixihe Rivers.

Pengxihe Bridge Elevation

An early Pengxihe cable stayed bridge proposal with just one tower.

Pengxihe Bridge satellite image.

The Pengxihe cable stayed bridge can be seen at the top with a lower beam bridge crossing in the center. At the bottom is the Yunyang cable stayed bridge across the Yangtze River.

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