Pingshang Railway Bridge

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Pingshang Railway Bridge
Xifeng, Guizhou, China
(262) feet high / (80) meters high
262 foot span / 80 meter span

Pingshang Railway Bridge may not be the highest bridge on the 344.4 kilometer Yuqian high speed railway between Guiyang and Chongqing but it may well be the largest at 1,796 meters. Crossing high above many of the buildings in Xifeng City, the complex span arrangement includes two major spans composed of double 64 and double 80 meter spans. The entire configuration is 2x24+4x32+ 40+2x64+40 +3x24+3x32 +48+2x80+48 +2x24+4x32 +36+56+36 +20x32 meters on piers as tall as 69 meters.

The Guiyang-Chongqing railway line has 77% of its route on bridges or in tunnels. Other high bridges on the route include the giant Yelanghe arch and Wujiang bridges.

Pingshang Railway Bridge satellite image.

Pingshang Railway Bridge location map.

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