Qianjiang Canyon Bridge

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Qianjiang Canyon Bridge
Qianjiang, Chongqing, China
(475) feet high / (145) meters high
(377) foot span / (115) meter span

Located just 3 kilometers southeast of Qianjiang city, this new concrete arch makes for a spectacular scene across the deep crevasse of the Qian River. I have little information on the statistics of the span but hope to know more soon!

Less then a kilometer downstream is the Zhengzhou arch bridge with a similar span length but built to look like one of China's more classical stone spans with smaller arches within the spandrels. The height is unknown but looks to be in the 90 meter range. Located on the National Road 319, Zhengzhou arch leads to the new Qianjiang airport. The Qian Jiang River is a tributary of the giant Apengjiang River that flows south alongside the route of the G65 expressway.

The Qianjiang arch can just barely be seen from the Zhengzhou arch bridge.

The Zhengzhou arch bridge with the Qianjiang arch bridge in the background.

Zhengzhou arch bridge image by cqtys.

Zhengzhou Bridge view taken sometime before the apartments were constructed on the west side.

Satellite image showing the Qianjiang Canyon Bridge crossing in the upper left with the Zhengzhou arch towards the middle and the Qianjiang city airport to the right.

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