Qingshuihe River Bridge

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Qingshuihe River Bridge
Qingshuihezhen, Guizhou, China
600 feet high / 183 meters high
420 foot span / 128 meter span

The 5th highest railway bridge in the world, the Qingshuihe bridge is located deep in the mountains of Western China’s Guizhou province near the border of Yunnan province. A simple prestressed continuous rigid-frame bridge with a main span of 420 feet (128 meters), the span crosses a spectacular canyon of the Qingshui River filled with cascading waterfalls.

If you visit the region, also be sure to check out nearby Maling gorge. Not only are there are two major road bridges across the Maling River more than 328 feet (100 meters) high but there are several trails that descend to the bottom of the cliff enclosed canyon. Here you can view dozens of waterfalls that cascade into the gorge from a walkway cut into the lower cliffs along the Maling river. The water erosion has created many caves and unique rock formations that hang over portions of the walkway. Some look like mushrooms or tapestries. The river is also one of the most popular places in Guizhou province for canoeing, kayaking and rafting. In 1994 Maling gorge was declared an official National Scenic Spot. There is also rafting on the much larger Nanpanjiang river nearby. There are very basic hotel accommodations about 6 miles (10 kilometers) away in the city of Xingyi. You can reach Xingyi on a 12 hour bus ride from Yunnan’s capital city of Kunming or Guizhou’s capital city of Guiyang.

Qingshuihe River Bridge Elevation



Image by flily.

Image by flily.

Image by flily.

The Qingshuihe River gorge before construction of the railway bridge.

A catenary suspension bridge catwalk was built next to the railway bridge for construction workers. The footbridge has fallen into disrepair and can no longer be used. The deck is approximately 280 feet (85 meters) above the river.

Image by flily.

Qingshuihe River Railway bridge map with the crossing shown in red. The blue river is misaligned on the terrain.

Qingshuihe Railway Bridge satellite image.

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