Ribeira Funda Bridge

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Ribeira Funda Bridge
Ponte Ribeira Funda
Prazeres, Madeira Island, Portugal
360 feet high / 110 meters high
443 foot span / 135 meter span

RiberiaFundaBy Grupo TPF Consultores.jpg

One of 3 high bridges along the southern coast of the Portuguese island of Madeira, the Ribeira Funda Bridge is a 280 meter long structure just east of Prazeres between the Jardim Pelado and Moinhos tunnels. Located along the VE3 road, the cantilevered beam has a central span of 135 meters.

Even more spectacular on the eastern end of the island is the Ponte dos Socorridos, a beautiful and rare extradosed bridge with concreted stay “sails” similar to the Ganter bridge in Switzerland. Located near Câmara de Lobos, the unusual span carries a 2-lane highway about 120 meters above a V-shaped canyon. Also on the island is the no less ordinary João Gomes bridge, a prestressed concrete beam span that is wedged between two tunnels 125 meters above a tight canyon near Funchal.


Image by Eugenio Merzagora.

Ribeira Funda ViaductSatellite.jpg

Ribeira Funda Bridge satellite image.

Ribeira Funda ViaductSatelliteWide.jpg

Ribeira Funda ViaductMap.jpg

Ribeira Funda Bridge location map.

Ribeira Funda LocationMap.jpg

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