Sanbiaohe Bridge


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Sanbiaohe Bridge
Fa’er Bouyei, Guizhou, China
(443) feet high / (135) meters high
394 foot span / 120 meter span

The Sanbiaohe No. 1 bridge is one of several giant beam bridges on the new highway that connects Liupanshui with the G60 near the Guizhou/Yunnan border in the vicinity of the 2001 Beipanjiang Railway Bridge. The tight canyon is so steep the crossing required only one approach span of 40 meters. The main span configuration is 70+ 120+ 70 meters with 28 approach spans of 30 meters for a total length of 1,106 meters. Nearby Sanbiaohe No. 2 Bridge has 10 more spans of 30 meters.

The bridge is located at kilometer 13 which is 17 kilometers east of the giant Beipanjiang 2012 Bridge crossing.

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