Sangba Bridge

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Sangba Bridge
Zheng'an, Guizhou, China
(361) feet high / (110) meters high
377 foot span / 115 meter span


Lost deep in the mountains of Guizhou Province southwest of the mighty Furongjiang and Wujiang Rivers, the Sangba Bridge crosses a deep crevasse in a single bound of 115 meters. The walls of the canyon are so steep the crossing only required two additional approach spans of just 16 meters. The height is approximate as the official figures are 105 meters to the river flood level.

The bridge is located approximately 20 kilometers southwest of Zheng'an on a road to Xiaoyazhen where it crosses the Yanduhe River.


Construction of the Sangba Bridge began in 2006 and was expected to be completed in 2007. Authorities discovered the temporary steel support for the construction of the arch was structurally deficient and would have to be replaced. This caused a delay of 3 years and the span was finally completed in 2010.



Sangba Bridge 2010 opening celebration.


Sangba Bridge satellite image.


Sangba Bridge location map.

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