Tonghe Bridge

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Tonghe Bridge
Jishou, Hunan, China
(335) feet high / (102) meters high
295 foot span / 90 meter span


The first of several high beam viaducts near Jishou, the Tonghe river crossing is located at kilometer 4 and marks the beginning of a steady rise as the expressway heads north to the mighty Aizhai Bridge at kilometer 15.

The long viaduct stretches for 1,214 meters crossing both the Tonghe River and state road 209. The bridge span arrangement is 8 x30 meter approach spans, a second set of approach spans of 12 x40 meters with a central T-beam rigid frame section of 50 +3 x90 +50 meters. There is an uphill grade of 2.5% and a circular transition curve radius of 800 meters.

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