Tongzihe Bridge


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Tongzihe Bridge
Erlangxiang, Guizhou, China
741 feet high / 226 meters high
656 foot span / 200 meter span

Another high Chinese crossing of gargantuan proportions, the Tongzihe Bridge is the largest structure on the extension of the Zunchi Expressway that continues north from Renhuai city to the Guizhou/Sichuan border where the bridge is located at kilometer 50.

The three main piers of Tongzihe are solid at the base and support both directions of highway. The tallest measures a jaw dropping 175 meters from foundation to cap and ranks among the 10 tallest on earth. The main span configuration is 108+2×200+108 meters. With 12 more approach spans of 30 meters and one of 50 meters the total length of the bridge is 1,131.6 meters.

Tongzihe Bridge Elevation

Foundation work at the base of the 175 meter tall super pier.

Tongzihe Bridge satellite image of crossing location.

Tongzihe Bridge satellite image with approximate location of bridge drawn in.

Tongzihe and Erlanghe Bridges location map.

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