Trient Bridge

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Trient Bridge
Pont Trient
Gueuroz Bridge
Pont Gueuroz
Gueuroz, Valais, Switzerland
620 feet high / 189 meters high
323 foot span / 98 meter span


Image by Ecole Polytechnique Lausanne.

The highest arch bridge in Europe, the Gueuroz bridge is one of Swiss designer A. Sarrasin’s reinforced concrete triumphs. Crossing a crevasse carved by the Trient River that seems to have no bottom, the bridge was constructed with a large timber centring that was supported on cliffs more than a hundred feet below the span. Completed in 1933, the narrow roadway was not up to current highway standards and was bypassed by a steel box beam frame bridge in 1994. The original arch is now open to pedestrians only. I have not measured the height of this bridge and cannot confirm the reported height of 620 feet (189 mtrs).

Trient Bridge Elevation


Image by Ecole Polytechnique Lausanne.

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