Wangjiahe Railway Bridge

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[[File:Xi'an to Yam'an Railway Route.jpg|750px|center]]
[[File:Xi'an to Yam'an Railway Route.jpg|900px|center]]
[[File:Xi'an to Yam'an Railway Route2.jpg|650px|center]]
[[File:Xi'an to Yam'an Railway Route2.jpg|550px|center]]
[[Category:Bridges in China]]
[[Category:Bridges in China]]

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Wangjiahe Railway Bridge
Yanchixiang, Shaanxi, China
(312) feet high / (95) meters high
814 foot span / 248 meter span


Wangjiahe Railway Bridge is the highest railway bridge on the Xi'an to Yam'an high speed railway. Located at Km 110, the 1,104.5 meter long structure has a span configuration of 24+4x32+24+2x32+2x64 +120+248+120 +2x80+32+24 meters. The main span of 248 meters combines a concrete cantilevered beam bridge with a steel arch.


Wangjiahe Railway Bridge satellite image.


Wangjiahe Railway Bridge location map.

Xi'an to Yam'an Railway Route.jpg

Xi'an to Yam'an Railway Route2.jpg
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