Wangxiang Railway Bridge

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Wangxiang Railway Bridge
Nandan, Guangxi, China
(295) feet high / 90 meters high
289 foot span / 88 meter span

Wangxiang80mtrPier88mtrSpan copy.jpg

Wangxiang Railway Bridge is the largest of many new bridges constructed on the upgrade of the older Guiyang, Guizhou to Liuzhou, Guangxi Railway line. The long viaduct has piers as high as 80 meters supporting a number of 88 meter beam spans.

This "Tin Road" from Guiyang to Nandan, Guangxi parallels the State Road 210 with a series of new tunnels and bridges that have made the Guizhou-Guanxi Railway just 489 kilometers, 119 kilometers shorter then the original line of 608 kilometers. The upgraded route is a grade I electrified single line, reserved for double track in the future. A Liuzhou to Guiyang passenger train that once took 14 hours has now been shortened to five hours.

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