Wujiang River Viaduct Sinan

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Wujiang River Viaduct Sinan
Sinan, Guizhou, China
(525) feet high / (160) meters high
(656) foot span / (200) meter span

Another giant Chinese river crossing, the humungous Wujiang River Viaduct is the second of two high beam bridge crossings near the city of Sinan in Guizhou Province. The second is located several kilometers upstream of the city and is even higher at 195 meters.

Stretching 1,510 meters from end to end, the central component of the Sinan Viaduct is composed of 3 large beam spans supported on piers that reach a maximum height of 146 meters. Based on computer renderings there is likely to be a reservoir beneath the crossing from a downstream dam.

The entire structure is very similar in size to the Wujiang River Viaduct located in the actual city of Wujiang several hundred kilometers upstream. Both have similar height and length and both rank among the world's 20 largest bridge viaducts.

Just a few hundred meters from the Wujiang River Viaduct in Sinan is a new cable stayed bridge that will carry a new railway line across the Wujiang River at a much lower elevation. Together these 2 new bridges have changed the Sinan city landscape as well as boosting economic development.

The Wujiang River and its upper tributaries have the second greatest collection of high bridges on earth after the Beipanjiang River.

Wujiang River Viaduct Sinan Elevation

The single tower Wujiang Sinan cable stayed bridge also opened in 2013 with a main span configuration of 2 x 160 meters.

Wujiang Sinan Viaduct satellite image. The central pier of the new Wujiang Sinan single tower cable stayed bridge can be seen in the river near the bottom. Near the top is where the Wujiang Sinan Viaduct was constructed.

Wujiang Sinan Viaduct satellite image.

Wujiang Sinan Bridge and Wujiang Sinan Viaduct location map.

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