Wujiang Sinan Bridge

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Wujiang Sinan Bridge
Sinan, Guizhou, China
640 feet high / 195 meters high
722 foot span / 220 meter span

Located several kilometers upstream of the city of Sinan, the Wujiang Sinan Bridge is the first of two high bridges that were built near Sinan. The second is the massive Wujiang Sinan Viaduct that crosses 160 meters above the river downstream of the city.

Despite the Wujiang Sinan Bridge not being as long or as massive as the Wujiang Sinan Viaduct, the 2012 structure is higher at 195 meters.

The large main span of 220 meters is perched atop piers 118 and 109 meters tall. The slightly offset but parallel spans cross the river at a skew resulting in uneven total lengths of 1,050 and 1,175 meters.

The Wujiang River and its upper tributaries have the second greatest collection of high bridges on earth after the Beipanjiang River.

Wujiang Sinan Bridge Elevation

Image by sinan.gov.cn

Image by www.gog.com.cn.

Early foundation work showing the 12 piles.

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