Wuzeigou Bridge

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Wuzeigou Bridge
Sandu, Guizhou, China
486 feet high / 148 meters high
492 foot span / 150 meter span


The back to back Wuzeigou bridges are located along the last link of the G76 Xiarong expressway which extends from the Pacific Coast city of Xiamen to the western China city of Chengdu 1,426 miles (2,295 kms) away. Both Wuzeigou crossings consist of a pair of prestressed beams with a main span of 492 feet (150 mtrs). The maximum pier height is 348 feet (106 mtrs). The entire structure measures 5,739 feet (1,749 mtrs) long. Located nearby on the same highway is the massive Houzihe beam bridge with a height of 705 feet (215 mtrs). The name Wuzeigou means Cuttlefish in Chinese.



Someone used Photoshop to try to put some foliage on the dirt hillside.



A view of the Wuzeigou bridge construction site showing the mountain hump that separates the two main spans of the more than 1 mile long bridge. Image by Guizhou Provincial Bridge Engineering.


Wuzeigou Bridge satellite image.


Wuzeigou Bridge location map.

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