Xiangjiang Bridge

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Xiangjiang Bridge satellite image.
Xiangjiang Bridge satellite image.
Xiangjiang Bridge location map.
Xiangjiang Bridge location map.

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Xiangjiang Bridge
Xipingzhen, Guizhou, China
1,007 feet high / 307 meters high
1,837 foot span / 560 meter span


Despite a length of only 83 kilometers, the Zunyu expressway is another one of Guizhou's impressive mountain routes filled with high bridges including the spectacular Xiangjiang cable stayed bridge and the Wujiang Zunyu suspension bridge that are both in the 300 meter height range.

The Xiangjiang Bridge is impressive for having a tower 290 meters tall, ranking among the world's top 12 tallest bridge structures.

Located at kilometer 71, the Xiangjiang Bridge has a total length of 1,648 meters with a span configuration of 72+212+560+212+72+5x40+4x40+4x40 meters.

The route connecting Zunyi with Yuqing has several other high beam bridges including Tiantang, Luoquandong, Shanwangding, Dongguagou, Wanggangzui and Shuimaikeng #1 Bridges.


Xiangjiang Bridge satellite image.


Xiangjiang Bridge location map.


ZunyuExpressway copy.jpg

Zunyu expressway map.

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