Xianshenhe River Bridge

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Xianshenhe River Bridge
Jincheng, Shanxi, China
528 feet high / 161 meters high
446 foot span / 136 meter span

Image by Xinhuanet.

A spectacular new Chinese extradosed bridge that leaps between two cliffs, the Xianshenhe River Bridge is the highest extradosed bridge in the world and just one of several towering structures along the new Jinji expressway between Jiyuan, Henan Province and Jincheng, Shanxi Province. The 4-lane highway cuts through the Wangwu Shan mountain range, a formidable barrier of deep canyons and twisting rivers that forms a natural border between these two mighty provinces in north-central China.

To keep the highway as low, level and direct as possible, the Chinese engineers punched through the highest mountains with several tunnels. The two longest are located on either side of the Xianshenhe River and extend approximately 2 miles (3.2 kms) to the south and 3 miles (5 kms) to the north. Lucky for bridge fans, the highway department decided to build a scenic parking area on a precarious location between one of the tunnels and the bridge. Here you can peek over the edge of the cliff and see the entire pier and mast dropping down 690 feet (210 mtrs) to the floor of the Xianshenhe River gorge. The structure will remind many of the Millau bridge in France but the fantastic terrain and the dramatic U-shaped river bend make it a bridge crossing unlike any other in the world.

Xianshenhe River Bridge Elevation



Image by Xinhuanet.

Xianshenhe River gorge.

Xianshenhe Bridge tunnels.

Image by www.jconline.cn.

Xianshenhe Bridge satellite image.

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