Yingzuiyan Bridge

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Yingzuiyan Bridge
Zhongheyingxiang, Yunnan, China
360 feet high / 110 meters high
436 foot span / 133 meter span


The highest and most spectacular bridge on the Yunnan stretch of the G80 expressway, the Yingzuiyan Bridge is also a landmark signaling the highways entrance into the mighty Nanpanjiang River gorge. The G80 follows within the deep canyon of this great river valley for 15 kilometers before heading north to the large city of Kunming.

The Yingzuiyan crossing was achieved with two parallel beam bridges. The upstream bridge is on a shorter alignment requiring a span combination of 57.5 +103 +57.5 meters. The larger downstream crossing is 73.5 +133 +73.5 meters. The tallest pier measures 68 meters.


Yingzuiyan Bridge satellite image showing the Nanpanjiang River gorge on the opposite side of the Yingzuiyan tunnel.


Yingzuiyan Bridge satellite image.


Yingzuiyan Bridge location map.

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